Writing Down the River, July 30th

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Writing Down the RiverThe Ipswich River Watershed Association will be hosting me for a nature writing workshop this July.  Information on signing up is below.  You can also RSVP via Facebook: Writing Down the River.

Please join us for a Writers Workshop with Jason Kirkey on Saturday, July 30th, 1-4pm at Riverbend, 143 County Road, Ipswich.

Writing Down the River will explore what it means to participate in the Ipswich River Watershed through writing — whether it’s poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction. Together with author and poet Jason Kirkey, we’ll spend time reading examples of ecologically engaged literature from such authors as Gary Snyder, David Abram and Walt Whitman. We’ll discuss our own writing as a process every bit as germane to the river as its riffles, pools, and eddies. Bring paper and a pen as we will spend time writing along the river and sharing our work.
Preregistration is required: $25 per person, refreshments will be served
Please contact Cynthia at or call 978-412-8200
“Estuaries by Jason Kirkey invites the reader to experience a sense of peace and simplicity while reading.  A sense of rest, an observation of a sunset, tea, a oneness with rain, leads us to a deeper peace As I read,  I continued to realize almost an organic peace from reading, an absence of barriers between the images presented and my own consciousness. Yet there is a ‘wild vernacular’ also expressed here. The poet is a bridge between the inner world of the reader who seeks balance, and the wild outer world of estuaries, rivers, clouds and wind.   We watch and listen with this poet, where in the presence of apple tree blossoms ‘the mind is set on fire/ with love.’” —Karolyn Redoute, author of Prayers of the Shaman

Estuaries: Coming May 21, 2011

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There is an estuary
where streams and wild rivers meet
and mingle with the salted tides.
It gathers all the water to it—
like the afterlife of rain: inevitable!

I too must be an estuary of confluent tides—
this earth-body of antlered thoughts,
the decay of leaves: my branching mind.
Tumbling with stones and salmon toward the sea,
the rivers of the Earth move through me.

Jason Kirkey

Winner of the Silver Medal

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The Salmon in the SpringThe Salmon in the SpringIt is with great pleasure that I inform you that The Salmon in the Spring is now the recipient of the silver medal for the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) in the mind-body-spirit category.  No doubt this will spell great things for the future.

Additionally, UK readers now have the option of ordering The Salmon in the Spring from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  Shipping internationally is quite expensive so I hope that this will alleviate that issue.  Of course, if you prefer to buy directly from the author that option is still available.

Finally, I have added several new essays to the website:

Re-inhabiting the Earth (2010)
An examination of five ecological powerssuccession, decomposition, open systems, habitats, and nichesand the way in which they can be expressed through humans as a form of participation in the ecosystem.

What Use Are Poets in Times of Need? (2010)
A short talk presented at the 2010 Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Graduate Symposium at the California Institute of Integral Studies, exploring the ecological dynamics of poetry and social transformation.

Preserving Truth (2009)
This essay explores the concepts of dán, geis, and the kingship traditions of ancient Ireland within an ecological context, deriving from them an Irish cosmological perspective on Earth jurisprudence and the maintenance of right relationship with the ecosystem.

Keep your eye on this space for an upcoming audio interview from Future Primitive!

The Salmon in the Spring Released

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Many bits of good news to share.  The Salmon in the Spring was officially released on November 1st and thanks to everyone who ordered it achieved an overall sales rank of #1300 on; reaching #1 in their Celtic Mythology section and the #2 position in Celtic Spirituality, beat only by John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara. Of course, sales ranks are fleeting and it has now returned to a more humble number. If you haven’t yet ordered your copy you can do so now from your favorite online retailer or directly from this website in the book section.

I’m extending the pre-order price of $14.95 until Monday. If you want to take advantage of it, now is the time to do so. It may temporarily take 1 to 2 weeks for books to ship depending on inventory, something which will soon be remedied. Also, the winner of the book raffle will be chosen this weekend and contacted by e-mail. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the newsletter.

In other news, there are two interviews with me about The Salmon in the Spring and my work in general. One is available in Druidic Dawn’s latest equinox newsletter which is freely downloadable in PDF form here:

The other, done by James Liter of The Druid’s Utterance website, is available here:

Finally, there are a few talks and workshops that are in the development stage and I hope to start adding them to the schedule soon. I can, however, briefly confirm that I’ll be giving two short talks at conferences. I’ll be speaking at the Integral Ecology conference hosted by California Institute of Integral Studies on November 20th and have just been told that my abstract for the 6th Conference on Current Pagan Studies has been accepted. The conference is from January 30th-31st hosted by Claremont Graduate University. The talk is titled “Wild Law and the Irish Goddess: Myth and Ecosystem as a Model of Sustainability.” I also promise more accessible and less academic events in the near future.