This page will be updated every so often with new essays, reflections, and other works of prose which explore various dynamics of my work.  Topics may range from ecological interests, Celtic spirituality, Buddhist and Daoist thought, to narratives of travel and wanderings in the natural world.

Contemplative Ecology
Doing, Not Doing: Reflections on Conservation, Wildness, and the Dao
(The Wayfarer Vol. 4 Issue 1) 2015

The River and its Way (The Wayfarer Vol. 3 Issue 4) 2014

Every Mountain is Cold Mountain (Whitefish Review #11) 2012

Rapid Assessment of Ecological Resilience in Aspen Communities
(Prescott College) 2014

Celtic Myth and Ecology
Connla’s Well (The Salmon in the Spring Chapter 9)

Preserving Truth (2009)